Systemy raportowania

Companies are looking for objective criteria to assess the situation in the company that will remain
presented in an uncomplicated way.

MIS (Management Information System) – is a data processing system obtained
from internal and external sources, in information and providing this information in a readable form
managers at all levels of management to enable them to take effective
and timely decisions regarding planning, directing and controlling the activities for which they are

KPI (key performance indicators) - they support the company's achievement of its operational goals
and strategic. They are very important for building a results-oriented culture
because they provide an objective feedback source for employees
about their work, costs and quality. KPIs are also a control tool

managerial, allow you to quickly make decisions, prioritize actions,
early to respond to problems, they also support continuous improvement processes and effective
use of resources owned by the organization.

Dashboard - presents KPI in a simple form (graphical and / or tabular), so that the manager
in a given area, a "glance" could evaluate the effectiveness of actions, identify potential
threats and irregularities.

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