About us

We are independent consultants in the field of broadly understood controlling and IT solutions since 2004.
BIZCON.PL was created as an answer to the needs of our clients, with whom we have been successfully cooperating for many years.
Being an independent advisors and focusing on quality, we have chosen only leading financial institutions from Poland and abroad.


"We always work on the client's side. We provide professional information support, at the same time helping our clients at every stage of concluding the most favorable decisions for them.We work only with institutions that are leaders in the market.We focus on quality, counting on creating long-lasting and partner relationships with our clients. we treat the customer individually. "

Sample projects’ overview done with B2B cooperation:

1Scope: Creating the Task Management System with access only from Office desktop terminal computers (not through the web using browsers).
Client: Budget industry company managing EU grants from Warsaw city, Poland.
Used solution: Data stored and transactions managed by SQLServer. GUI(Graphical User Interface) created using MS Access forms and VBA.
Resources: Consultant, programmer, project manager.

2Scope: Data migration from previous client’s ERP system to Exact ERP system.
Client: FMCG industry manufacturer from Szczecin city, Poland.
Used solution: MS Excel VBA procedure checked the attributes in the loop and creates XML file with tags then XML file is used to import data directly to Exact ERP system.
Resources: Consultant, programmer.

3Scope: Create the report analysing the data in different tables with more than 8 000 000 records.
Client: Internet industry company from Warsaw city with branches all over the world.
Used solution: Uploading data from SQLServer to the Power Pivot model using ODBC data source. After that Power BI solution was implemented.
Resources: Consultant, programmer.

4Scope: Create the tool for mass contractors importing (there are tax numbers known only. The rest of the data is stored in Polish Main Statistical Bureau database).
Client: Consulting company from Warsaw city, Poland.
Used solution: Program written in Phyton gets the data from Polish Main Statistical Bureau webservice and then saves it both in MS Excel and XML files. XML file is used to import the data directly to ERP system.
Resources: Consultant, programmer.

5Scope: Creating the VBA procedure to control the invoice information process.
Client: Insurance company from Gdańsk city, Poland.
Used solution: MS Excel VBA procedure runs T-SQL procedure in SQLServer, prepares the view and data is sent to MS Excel. Then procedure creates email messages with invoices’ information and sends them to the company’s debtors expecting reading confirmation. After reading confirmation is sent back procedure updates the invoice’s record directly in SQLServer.
Resources: Consultant, programmer.

6Scope: Creating the tool for uploading company's financial yearly report to the Polish Ministry of Finance using XML file.
Client: Accounting company from Warsaw, Poland.
Used solution: MS Excel VBA procedure gets the data and pulls them in XML file with structure prepared by Polish Ministry of Finance in XSD files. Attached PDF binary files are saved as a part of XML file and uploaded to the Ministry of Finance webservice as attachements.
Resources: Consultant, programmer.