RFID: Radio-frequency identification

RFID technology is the driving force for many applications and markets.
We offer you solutions and equipment of the leaders of this technology in the world. The experience of our partners covers all aspects of this technology, from chip design and low-level programming to complex algorithm programming for entire intelligent systems. Our specialists will advise you on the best solutions combining mechatronics, electronics and software at every stage of the project. Areas on which RFID technology may apply:

1. Warehouse:

  • Commodity identification
  • A complete system: short and long range readers, gateways, controllers, software, USB / IP ...
  • Faster reporting

2. Logistics:

  • Supply chain management
  • Securing and cars monitoring
  • Securing and goods monitoring

3. Industrial automation:

  • Waste management systems
  • Supply management systems
  • Textile identification

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4. Security:

  • Keys management and access control (personal items, doors, gates, etc.)
  • People security
  • Cars identification

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RFID - an example of a multi-level car park scheme. RFID - example of a location in a warehouse. RFID - example of read/write device. RFID - example gateway in a warehouse.
RFID - chain supply example. RFID - production line control. RFID - production line control. RFID - supply control.
Line control - reader RFID - sklep odzieżowy. RFID - Clothing shop.
RFID - Multilevel parking. RFID - Keys system. RFID - Keys system. RFID - Example of properties management box.